This program helps executives, colleagues, partners and team members work together more effectively and efficiently.


Better Than Gold: Invest in Your Important Relationships


“Relationships” are often the elephant in the room – hard to talk about, difficult to handle. This workshop is a hands-on opportunity to work with a unique tool used successfully by business leaders around the globe to build and strengthen relationships.


This practical, fun and insightful experience is led by the creators of this and other proven business tools. Read more…


Your Choice:
This program can be done in one 5-hour session or two 3-hour sessions. And it can be done for 2 people or 40.


How It Works:
In Better Than Gold, you work with an associate – your partner, boss, right hand, etc. As we explain an aspect of The Stage Page©, you and your partner use it right away. By the end of the program, you’ll know how to apply the tool, and you and your partner will have a greater understanding of your relationship:

  • why it runs smoothly when it does,
  • why it gets bumpy when it does,
  • and you’ll have a concrete plan for handling the bumpy times to make them less bumpy and more productive.


What You Get:

  • Knowledge of The Stage Page and how to apply it to all relationships
  • A plan you created for how to handle bumpy times in the future
  • A guide for how to continue using the tools after the program
  • Access to our website Forum for discussion of the use of these tools in business – open only to those who have gone through Better Than Gold


What Participants Say:
“Excellent, clear presentation of tools and exercises. Inspiring, encouraging, practical too.”


“Great model, well facilitated – really enjoyed the experience. Thank you!”


“This program was very easy for me to wrap my head around.”


“Thanks for these new tools that I can utilize to better myself.”


“I really valued the exercises and the thoughtful way to share with another, using a common language and model.”


“This tool will benefit me in my multiple roles as leader, advisor, analyst, father, husband. I wish all my team members had been present.”


“Excellent and engaging presentation.”

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Client Comments


"The goal of the Virginia Family and Private Business Forum is to help family businesses succeed from generation to generation. Better than Gold was indeed better than gold in helping us accomplish our mission.

"All aspects of the program the presenters, the content, the creative approach and the unique set of tools created an environment that encouraged participation and learning. Barbara Lanebrown and Nancy Whitehurst adapted the program to meet the needs of our members. Participants were comfortable knowing that they were in the hands of professionals. This comfort level was translated into a high degree of sharing and participation.

"The feedback I received, confirmed my observations that our Forum members made significant improvements in their relationships with other family members. And the bottom line is that improved relationships within the family bode well for the continued success of the family business. Mission accomplished!"
Charles J. Gallagher,Ph.D.
Director, Virginia Family &
Private Business Forum