We each live many different personal and professional roles – from sister or brother

to confidante or cheerleader;

from committee member or team leader

to software designer or choreographer


From time to time, we all get stuck

We play our roles the same way…we do things the same way.


The Field gets us unstuck.


The Field as a Model:
As a model, The Field helps us visualize and understand something that cannot be directly observed – the things that get and keep us stuck.

There are two basic types of Fields:
Personal Fields and Collective Fields.




The Field as a Process:
Becoming more of who we are is a process of sifting our Field – sifting out what doesn’t truly suit us and making room for what does.


As a model, The Field helps us understand what keeps us stuck.
As a process, The Field frees us to move on and be more.


Use The Field to grow your Self. To improve relationships. To deepen your insights, broaden your experiences, create a more rewarding life.

It's a model and a process for becoming more.




“The Stage Page & Field of Creativity tools will be a wonderful addition to any clinician's therapeutic toolbox. I can't wait to start applying these tools with my clients.”
–Robin S. Selby, LCSW




“Life is like
playing a violin
in public
and learning
the instrument
as one goes along.”
-Samuel Butler