Create Healthy Relationships:
Apply and Teach a New, Effective Tool

A personal, interactive experience
with a powerful, interactive therapeutic framework

Glen Allen program limited to 16 people


Approved by NASW-Virginia, Maryland and DC Metro


Learn and apply a proven tool "The Stage Page" to clients who are stuck in unhealthy relationships, be they co-dependent, love-addicted, emotionally abusive or other dysfunctional relationships


I was a successful therapist for 30 years. Then I encountered this tool, which has revitalized me and taken my work to new heights. My clients find the tool easy to learn, inspiring to use and–successful! I can truly say "The Stage Page" has helped my clients immensely, and that’s why I want to bring it to you.

Nancy Whitehurst, LCSW


The Stage Page works well with individuals and couples. It complements other forms of therapy or stands alone.


About "The Stage Page":


Barbara Lanebrown created "The Stage Page" and has taught it around the world to leaders in academia, business, medicine, the arts and the military. Thousands of people have used this tool to transform themselves and their relationships. Currently this unique tool is been successfully applied to many presenting problems in the counseling arena, and this interactive training focuses on one using "The Stage Page" to transform unhealthy relationships.

How often do you hear clients say they feel trapped in a relationship or have lost their sense of self? Clients who are co-dependent or invested in emotionally abusive relationships can be frustrated and emotionally drained, sometimes leaving the therapist feeling the same way.

This workshop teaches therapists how to use "The Stage Page" to take clients through a self-discovery journey toward healthier relationship-making. Clients are able to self-assess and "draw" how they are internally organized in any given relationship and articulate why they are so organized.

Seeing this concrete, visual self-assessment leads to an "ah ha" that fuels the client's vision for a new, healthier way to be in relationship, and clients create their own treatment plans. Clients shift from trying to change the people around them to changing themselves.



  • Learn how to use The Stage Page to help clients transform unhealthy relationships
  • Know how and when to use Stage Page 1, the self-assessment component
  • Know how and when to use Stage Page 2, the treatment plan component
  • Learn tools to help clients make their visions (Stage Page 2) reality
  • Acquire approaches for introducing The Stage Page to clients
  • Learn rehearsal, enactment and modeling techniques for assisting clients
  • Understand how to use The Stage Page to reframe relapse
  • Know how to help a client apply The Stage Page, Other
  • Apply what you learn through a practicum in the afternoon


Who is this training for?

  • Mental health professionals, new and seasoned, who provide individual, couples and/or family therapy


  • Professionals in the coaching arena: life coaching, executive coaching, collaborative law coaching, etc.



Clients find this tool to be helpful, powerful, interesting, concrete, inspiring, liberating, personal and real.

"It is applicable for individuals and couples as well as very good for clinicians to provide insight for their own self-care.
– Shane Severt, LCSW


New Program

November 7, 2014
Glen Allen, VA


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