Nancy Whitehurst
LCSW Therapist


A pioneer in trauma recovery and domestic violence treatment


“I’m a possibilities person. When I was young, I was shown such limited options for myself, my life. I love helping individuals, couples, and families find what is truly possible. It’s a joy to acquaint people with hidden aspects of themselves far beyond their self-limiting perceptions. Perceptions keep us stuck—stuck in unproductive ways of dealing with our lives and the lives of those around us. Let’s discover new perspectives and new options. Let’s be pragmatic, yet explore what’s possible beyond what we see right now. Then our lives can open up fully and we can be more alive and fulfilled.”



For over 30 years, Nancy has worked with individuals and couples to help them manage their lives and create healthy relationships. She has worked with people from all walks of life, from prison inmates to senior level professionals. Due to the nature of her work specific client names are confidential.


Nancy has pioneered therapeutic models and tools in the following areas:


• Couple relationships
• Domestic violence
• Family systems
• Trauma recovery


Called the “Queen of Possibilities ” by her peers, she is known for her groundbreaking work with couples in difficulty. Aside from managing a full-time private practice, Nancy lectures and teaches workshops on her techniques and has coached psychologists and personal growth professionals. Her forward-thinking approaches have been the subject of numerous articles.

A licensed clinical social worker, Nancy is certified in Imago Therapy and Level II EMDR Therapy. She and her husband David live in Richmond, Virginia, where she carries a full private practice.

"If there were a Hall of Fame
for Wild and Wise Women,
Nancy would be my nomination. For someone who dances lightly through this world, she leaves lasting footprints.
In the 1970's, Nancy pioneered
advocacy treatment for victims of domestic violence. The domestic violence models she helped develop are today’s standard of treatment.
Nancy brings her energy,
courage, humor,
soulful spirit and critical
intelligence to all that she does, BUT—better yet, she facilitates the growth of these attributes
in others. I whole-heartedly
recommend her to your life.”

-Les Schaffer, MA, LPC



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