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For self-enrichment we offer:

1. Our Programs

2. Our Model and Tools



“There is real magic to the lessons
offered here. In my work as a
trade association CEO and hospital
industry leader, every day some
gem comes to mind which
contributes to my effectiveness.
The approach is unusual, but it
helped me understand complexities that straight analysis would have missed. I recommend these concepts highly. The magic of this approach
can make a real difference in the life of an executive, of anyone.”


— Charles N. Kahn III, President,
Federation of American Hospitals

Our Programs:

Special Programs– current topics of interest


Coaching - we provide executive coaching on a number of topics, including leadership, communication, team building, cultural change and leveraging creativity.

Our Proprietary Model and Tools - 3 Keys to Being More:

  • The Field of Creativity™
  • The Stage Page™
  • The Compelling Connection™




“This program is extraordinary. The connections between
the ‘players’ and the tools we
experienced are now a valued
part of my world. I will share
as much as possible with
others in hope they can
experience even a small part
of what I’ve learned.”


~Wendy E. Kallery,

Former participant, Chicago, IL




Therapists' Training Program:


“It's a creative way to help clients access and honor all parts of themselves and to become unstuck.”
Susan Osofsky, LCSW


New Session in Glen Allen,VA
November 7, 2014


Click here for therapists/coaches certified in The BMNL Method



"Barbara and Nancy have developed a very usable tool for working within a closely knit company or community. Their methods help depersonalize conflicts of opinions in a very constructive manner. Our company directors are all family members, and we've found these tools to be very helpful. I highly recommend this program."
Gina Richard, V. President
Cox Farms-Vienna, Inc.