Recognized visionaries

in the field of

personal growth-


Barbara Lanebrown and

Nancy Whitehurst


Separately, Barbara and Nancy have dedicated their lives to issues of communicating and being in ways that enable oneself and others to be more rather than less.


Now they've joined forces to develop programs that integrate the fruits of their individual pioneering work.


Questions? Contact Barbara or Nancy with any questions regarding their programs. They are also available to consult with your business, partnership, or community group about customizing a program for your company retreat in one of the four locations listed on the Programs Page or at your own retreat site.

“A few hours with
Nancy and Barbara led to life epiphanies
that have eluded me
for 50 years.”

—Jane Rhodes
Artist, Horsewoman

Barbara Lanebrown
A pioneer in creativity,
leadership, teaching and theater...


Nancy Whitehurst
A pioneer in trauma recovery and domestic violence treatment



Brian Evans
A website designer, developer,
programmer, and all around IT