Barbara Lanebrown
MFA, MBA, Executive Coach


A pioneer in creativity,
leadership, teaching and theater



“Each of us is a gem with unlimited
facets that we can continue to discover. This process of discovery has been a passion for me since I was a little girl and I’ve developed some interesting ways to approach it. I first started working with artists to break through creative blocks. Then I began helping professors to become better teachers. Before long, I was working with senior leaders all over the world to give them tools to help them discover more of who they are and can become."



For over 35 years, Barbara has coached both small and large groups as well as individuals. Her focus is on senior management and leadership groups in business, government, medicine, and academia. Clients have included Stanford University, the United States Department of the Navy, and Esquel Group in Hong Kong, to name a few.


Barbara has adapted the powerful concepts and tools she created in theater to expand capabilities in the following areas:


• Creativity • Leadership and Followership
• Teaching • Communication • Relationship


Primarily, Barbara has worked with people in the public context of their work lives. Her tools, however, apply to both personal and professional lives and the vast majority of her clients use the tools in both. She has received many honors and commendations over the years for her pioneering work, and is known in academia as a “teacher of teachers.”


Barbara holds an MBA in behavior science and business policy and MFA in theater.


Currently, Barbara runs an international consulting practice Mastery, Incorporated which specializes in leadership and teaching skills.


“I often think about
Barbara's impact on me.
Before Barbara, I was only a solid teacher in my role at the University of Chicago's Business School. Working with Barbara
for the past 15 years has
helped me to own my own
power as a leader/teacher in ways that I never imagined possible. More importantly, she's provided tools and given
me the courage to impart the idea of becoming "more" to literally hundreds of graduate
students over the past 15 years. My students and I are far more alive today thanks to Barbara."

–Harry L. Davis
Roger L. and Rachel M. Goetz
Distinguished Service Professor of
Creative Management
Booth School of Business
University of Chicago


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